April 2021

stainless steel door handle with cylinder hole

Stainless steel lever door lock

Causte stainless steel lever door lock has good anti-corrosion and wear-resistant performance. It is suitable for modern and simple decoration style. It is widely used in interior doors, bathroom doors and passage door. https://www.facebook.com/caustechina

space aluminum door locks

Space aluminum door locks

Space aluminum refers to aluminum-magnesium alloys that have undergone special treatment such as high-temperature oxidation. It is an aluminum product with extremely high strength and anti-corrosion performance. It has the characteristics of lightness and durability. Since the material was originally used in high-tech fields such as space and aerospace,It is called space aluminum.Space aluminum is …

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black door lock handle

Black door lock handle

Material: Zinc alloy Size: 260mm*50mm Usage: Bedroom, gateroom, entry Lock body:85*45,72*55 Cylinder:70mm brass The black door lock handle is perfect for interior doors where locking is needed, such as bedroom and bathroom doors. It offers a crisp perspective on minimalist design with its clean lines and rectangular features, and looks especially elegant when finished in …

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52mm ready stock lever locks

Ready stock of black lever locks

Item No: 52F Lever lock Rosette size: 52mm Lock Body: 58*45mm Cylinder: 70mm brass material with 5 brass computer keys Packaging: Color box, 20 units/cartons, CBM:0.058m³, Weight:22Kg Stock Quantity: 3000 units https://www.facebook.com/caustechina/posts/2685476101742980