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As one of the leading home door lock suppliers, We have an 22-year production exercise. Mainly supply to the big wholesaler in the global hardware market, Looking to update and enhance their hardware business with our finest hardware product, Proud to be preferred among other door hardware suppliers. By manufacturing our own door locks, We cut out the middle man to get enhance and expand security with efficiency.

At Causte Hardware, we provide the finest range of door lock system with much emphasis on your maximum protection and convenience. From interior door to exterior door, we offer the best security products that meet consumer needs and market trends. Whether you’re looking for security door locks, bedroom door locks, bathroom door lock or hotel door locks, we cater to all user requirements or security with innovative state-of-the-art systems that are durable, easy to install, and user-friendly.
Starting from a humble beginning, Causte hardware has been at the forefront of the door hardware industry continuously supplying and manufacturing innovative, cutting-edge and modern technology tailored towards creating a reliable, superior and valuable security solutions for hospitality providers and their guests. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring the highest quality, cost-effective, and affordable products for our customers.


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