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Causte hardware stainless steel lever lock set made of stainless steel 201&304 material.Not easy to rust and corrosion resistant.

Causte stainless steel 201&304 door handles (U-shaped handles, right angle handles, square handles, round tube door handles, solid core door handles)
Door material: wooden door, steel door, aluminum alloy door
Applicable door thickness: 45-55mm
Handle material: stainless steel 201&304
Rosette: Φ54mm
Causte stainless steel lock body, copper lock cylinder (double latch lock body, single latch mortise lock body, single latch lock body, night latch mortise lock body, classroom function mortise lock body, escape function mortise lock body, EN small lock Body, narrow lock body, ball lock body, round tongue lock body, American narrow lock body; handwheel single-sided lock cylinder, double-sided lock cylinder, 45 half lock cylinder)
The product complies with the national marble mortise door lock standard and has passed 200,000 life test
Lock core and lock body executive standards: EN12209:2003, EN1303:2005
The lock cylinder can achieve hierarchical management below level 4, and there is no mutual opening
Through different lock core and lock body configurations, door locks, bathroom locks, channel locks, and fake locks can be realized
The arc shape reduces the friction of the inclined tongue design, reduces the wear during use, and improves the life of the lock body
High safety: key parts such as diagonal tongue, square tongue, handle, panel and gusset are made of high-quality stainless steel
The lock body shell and gusset are made of 1.2mm thick material to increase product strength and safety
The lock cylinder has a built-in anti-drilling pin, which can effectively prevent the lock cylinder from being drilled
Reinforced handle reset spring to enhance the resetting of the handle and protect the lock body
180 degree reversal of the inclined tongue can be realized without opening the lock body

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