magnet lever locks

What is a magnetic lever lock? Magnetic lever lock refers to a door lock that uses a magnetic lock body. It is usually installed on bedroom door or study door. The magnetic lever lock is equipped with permanent magnets. The adsorption between the magnets reduces the noise generated by opening and closing the door. Magnetic locks are also called magnetic silent locks, different from ordinary silent locks, when the door is opened, the tongue retracts into the lock body, and when the door is closed, the tongue automatically pops out to close the door. The difference between the magnetic lock and the silent lock is that the lock body different, and it has nothing to do with the lock core and the lock handle.

magnet lever locks
magnet lock
magnet lock size


  【Color】:Black, PVD, Sliver, Antique, CP

  【Material】:Stainless steel, Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy



    【Door Thickness】:40-55mm

  【Funcation】:Bedroom, Study, Interior Door, Wooden Door