tips of door locks color with doors

During the decoration process, the matching of door lock colors is an important detail. It not only affects the overall aesthetics, but also enhances the sophistication of the decoration. Here are some suggestions on matching door lock colors.

1. Combine with the door lock color of the door

Dark doors: Choose black, dark gray or bronze door locks to increase the texture of the door.

Light doors: Silver, gold or white door locks can make the door look brighter.

Wooden doors: According to the color of the wood, choose a color that coordinates with the wood grain. For example, dark wood doors can be matched with bronze or black door locks, and light wood doors are suitable for silver or gold door locks.

2. Consider the interior style

Modern style: Simple designs can choose silver, black or matte gold door locks.

Classical style: Complex patterns and carvings can be matched with bronze or brass door locks.

Nordic style: Prefer natural elements, you can choose matte black or white door locks.

3. Match the color of hardware

The color of the door lock should be coordinated with other hardware in the room (such as hinges, door handles, lamps, etc.) to form a unified visual effect.

4. Combine the color of the wall and furniture

Coordinate with the color of the wall: If the wall color is more neutral or light, you can choose a door lock color with strong contrast, such as black or dark.

Coordinate with the color of the furniture: The color of the door lock can also refer to the color of the adjacent furniture to maintain the consistency of the overall style.

5. Special effect treatment

Matte treatment: Matte door locks appear low-key and are not easy to leave fingerprints, suitable for modern minimalist style.

Bright treatment: Bright metal door locks appear noble and luxurious, but need to be cleaned frequently to keep them bright.

Actual case examples

White door with silver door lock: simple and modern, suitable for Nordic style.

Dark wood door with bronze door lock: heavy and classic, suitable for Chinese or classical style.


Door lock quality: In addition to color matching, we should also pay attention to the quality and safety of the door lock.
Functional requirements: Choose the appropriate door lock function according to the needs of different rooms, such as bedroom door locks need privacy functions, and bathroom door locks need to be waterproof and moisture-proof.
Through the above methods, you can find the most suitable door lock color combination to make the decoration more perfect.

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