Now there are many brands in the indoor door lock market, the homogenization is serious, and the appearance of two similar door locks may have a price gap of several times. What caused this? In fact, even the two interior door locks with the same appearance are quite different. Today, Causte Hardware takes everyone into the interior world of indoor door locks to help you better understand indoor door locks, spend money, and buy quality indoor door locks.

At present, the mainstream indoor door locks on the market are mainly composed of five parts, namely: door lock handle, door lock cylinder, door lock body and door lock accessories.

1: Door lock handle

The common materials of door handles are various alloys, pure copper, stainless steel, solid wood, plastics, etc. The common zinc alloy handles on the market, the zinc alloy door handles of the same volume are more than double the weight of aluminum alloys, and they have a better feel In addition, compared with stainless steel and pure copper, zinc alloy door handles are cheaper and more suitable for ordinary family use.

2: Door lock cylinder

The door lock cylinder is the core component that controls the opening and closing of the lock. The common indoor door lock cylinders on the market include two types: small 70 cylinders and large 70 cylinders. Length: 60mm–70mm. mainly made of stainless steel and pure copper.

brass lock cylinder

3: Door lock body

The door lock body is the core component of the entire interior door lock. The lock body specifications commonly used in the home are 5045 lock body, 5845 lock body, 7255 lock body and 8545 lock body. The material is mainly stainless steel and pure copper material.

door lock body

4: Door lock accessories

The door lock accessories are an indispensable part of the entire interior door lock. Many friends will encounter this kind of annoyance: the key is rusted and broken in the keyhole. These are caused by the quality of the key.we recommends that you choose a pure copper key, the use period is longer and safer.

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