1.All employees understand that the survival and development of the enterprise is basically the need to improve product quality

Full participation, each employees and IPQC have an obligation and responsibility to do a good job in product quality, firmly establish quality awareness, strictly control and implement good product operation procedures, and leaders and each employee devote themselves to product quality management Instill the quality goal in the heart of each employee, and then ensure the overall quality of the product.

Only after the employees have passed the technical skills training can they start to work. The relevant departments should train employees from time to time to teach new methods and operating skills and standardize the production process of products. This stimulates employees’ awareness of competition and quality, maintains a high operating rate and utilization rate, and achieves a reasonable input and output, using the best means and methods.

Among them, it is the essence of 4M to highlight the management of people and give full play to their active functions. In order to better control and control the quality, the principle of 3N quality management also needs to be applied.

“No accept unqualified products”

“No not manufacture substandard products”

“No unqualified products”

2 Quality control of production process.

All employees are called on to participate in quality management activities together, and the process responsibility is implemented to the strict requirements of the operating staff, and every door lock(zinc door lock, aluminum door lock, stainless steel door lock) self-inspection action is indispensable.

On-site quality inspectors conduct inspections or spot checks to prevent the occurrence of unqualified products, and do not allow the unqualified products (defective door lock, surface blistered , deformed door lock)to leave the workshop , strictly distinguish the regional good and bad products of the product to prevent confusion. This process should be controlled and implemented from the aspects of “people, equipment, materials, methods”, etc.

The purpose is to control the quality of the entire production process, to ensure that the parts processed by each employee’s hand reach 100% pass rate and achieve the quality goal of zero defects. Through the implementation, I hope that each employee will firmly establish “produce door locks that are very satisfying to customers” to the new concept of the market to form an effective mechanism for everyone to pay attention to quality / interlocking to ensure quality.

At the same time, we need to check whether the accessories of each performance of each door lock(zinc door lock, aluminum door lock, stainless steel door lock) can meet the needs and expectations of customers; they must be tested in strict accordance with the standards and customer requirements stipulated by the company, and the three-step principle “no Missed inspection, no defective products will be handed over, no defective products will be accepted “

The above is the quality standards that Causte hardware firmly implements and will adhere to for a long time. We firmly believe that only good quality is the basic requirement for long-term survival of the company. From mentality to execution details, every step is a stepping stone to quality.