Indoor door locks are indispensable in every home decoration. With the development of the economic era, the choice of door locks is no longer just a simple and practical one. Quality. As a small hardware product, door locks are very diverse. So how we choose the right door lock? Here are three suggestions for everyone, as well as door lock maintenance and lock replacement instructions

One: The door lock is good or bad. The first thing you must think of is the material. There are many door locks on the market. Zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, etc. So what kind of material is good?

Zinc alloy: the material is easy to process, the cost is low, the strength and impact resistance are moderate in terms of door locks, this is also more common on the market, because of its low cost, the price of the door lock is also low, which is more cost-effective One of them!

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Stainless steel: This material has high strength, fireproofing, anti-prying, anti-saw and anti-impact. It is popular with consumers because of its strong rust resistance and high strength, but because of its high cost, the price is also expensive.

Copper: The material is a recyclable natural metal with good disinfection and sterilization functions. It has good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and processing performance, and it has a beautiful color. The surface is smooth, the density is good, firm and rust-proof.

Two: Now that we know the material of the door lock we need, what must we pay attention to when selecting and using the door lock?

  1. Before purchasing your own door lock, first calculate the thickness of the door and the material of the door, so that the merchant can recommend a suitable product for you.
  2. Determine the direction of your door lock. The door lock is essentially left and right, because the left and right are adjusted according to the needs during installation. If the direction of the door is determined, you can mention it with the merchant and let the merchant adjust it for you! If you are still unsure about the direction, you can buy yourself to adjust, it is very convenient! The way to distinguish between left and right: You stand outside the door and face the door. If the hinge is installed on the left side of the door, it will open left. If the hinge is installed on the right side of the door, it will open right. As for the inner or outer opening of the door lock, you only need to replace the lock tongue.
    3: The color and style of the door lock need to be selected according to the style and decoration style of the door at home. It is recommended that the style and color of the door lock be in harmony with the design style of the door to create a group beauty and maintain the integrity of the decoration style design!