Door lock is the first level of home security,Also the most important level. A qualified door lock is vital for any family. Today we will write about how to produce a qualified door lock.

In our actual production,Usually buy a sufficient amount of zinc alloy raw materials from the raw material factory.In previous articles(Raw materials for the door lock – zinc alloy)We have said,The most commonly used material is No. 3 zinc alloy. After the raw materials enter the factory, We will sample and scale the material. To ensure the quality of the material. And stored in a fixed location for subsequent operations.

The second step is to die-cast the raw materials, there are many advantage of zinc alloy die-cast, High dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, rarely need secondary processing, And high production efficiency, can be mass produced. It saves processing time and saves a lot of money.

The third step is to polish the product, Our factory now has two kinds of polishing, One is manual polishing, the other is mechanical polishing. Manual polishing is suitable for high precision products, Complex structure, but at a higher cost. Mechanical polishing is suitable for products with a simple structure, For example, Indonesian door locks are all flat panels without patterns, Mechanical polishing is very efficient and the polishing effect is very good.

The fourth step is electroplating, Conventional plating color is AB,AC,AE,SN,CP,GP. We will write an additional article for the electric plating process.

The fifth step is to conduct a quality inspection of the plated product. Mainly check whether the plating color is uniform and whether the surface is damaged, If there is any unqualified product, it should be returned to the electroplating factory for re-plating.

The sixth step is to install, All the accessory should be installed. If less the accessory, the handle will be shaken. if installed more accessory, the handle will be too tight.

The seventh step is to assemble the lock body and cylinder together with the handle, and the quality inspector performs the quality inspection on all the accessories and packs them.

The above is all step to produce a qualified door lock, I hope that you can have a better understanding of the door lock production after reading it.