After purchasing a house, the house will be renovated and set up, and the decoration must be done from several aspects. This will not only make things easier to handle, but also save a lot of time in disguise Of course, the door and window must be the first, and some people pay more attention to privacy, so the door will be handled more carefully, so how to remove the room door lock? How to choose the room door lock?

How to remove the room door lock

Remove the handle first, then the lock core, and then the lock body. Remove the panel where you can’t see the screws. Remove all the visible screws on the back, and then remove the lock cylinder, and pull the tongue of the lock back to open it.

  1. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the upper and lower side of the door. Then remove the panel handle. If you want to change the lock cylinder, then remove the two screws protecting the lock sleeve, and then remove the lock sleeve.
  2. Next, remove the lock cylinder fixing screw on the side lock body (that is, the side of the lock tongue), and then pull out the lock cylinder. If you encounter a tight lock cylinder, you can use a screwdriver to gently tap one end of the lock cylinder to pull out the lock cylinder.

How to choose the room door lock

  1. Due to door selection

When choosing a lock, first of all, you should pay attention to choose a lock that is consistent with the opening direction of your own door, so that the door can be opened and closed more conveniently. Secondly, we should pay attention to the width of the door frame. In general, the spherical lock and the handle lock cannot be installed on the door less than 90mm. If the width of the door frame is more than 90mm and less than 100mm, the ordinary spherical lock 60mm tongue should be selected. For locks larger than 100mm, a 70mm lock tongue can be used. In addition, whether the thickness of the door matches the lock is also an important option.

  1. Wear resistance

The material of the door lock determines the wear resistance of the lock. The judgement of the material can be solved by means of “seeing”, “grip”, “listening”, etc. For example, the appearance of the door lock, the appearance of the lock made of pure copper is generally processed by sandblasting and polishing, so its surface is shiny Compared with copper-plated ones, the color is darker, but natural. Take it in your hand and weigh its weight. It is obvious that the door lock of pure copper is obviously thick and heavy, while the door lock of stainless steel is lighter. Copper is not easy to be hollow, stainless steel can be hollow because of its strong plasticity. In terms of listening to the sound, the copper door lock is mostly solid during the opening process, so the sound is not dull, and the stainless steel door lock sounds crisp.

  1. Handle feeling of door open

The feel of the door lock is very important during the opening process. The force required cannot be too large or too small, which is mainly determined by the spring. The quality of the spring determines the feel and service life of the door lock. If the spring is not good, the door lock handle will sag due to the slack of the spring, which will affect the service life of the door lock. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to try the use effect of the door lock spring in person. The feel should not be too soft or too hard.

The above content mainly describes how the editor removes the room door lock? The specific introduction of how to choose the room door lock, the removal of the door lock is not too difficult, because it belongs to a very simple mechanical structure, so as long as you have understood, you can basically understand the operation process, of course, if you do not understand Well, we must not operate indiscriminately, because once there is a mistake, it may bring some impact to the demolition work.