If we want to change the lock on the door, we have to remove it first, so that we can get the new one. Then, here is a look at how to remove the bedroom door lock, what must be done during the removal process To ensure that the door is intact, if you break the door, you have to buy a new door. In addition, we have to take a look at the correct steps for how to install the bedroom door lock. Take a look at the following introduction.

How to remove the bedroom door lock

Bedroom door locks are mainly divided into two categories, one is the knob door lock, the style is relatively simple, the internal structure is more complicated, and it is difficult to maintain. The other is handle door lock, which has many styles, from iron to all copper. The structure is relatively simple, you can complete the maintenance by replacing the accessories.

Knob door lock: Look at the handle of the lock in the opposite direction. There is a small hole in the small part of the handle. Use hard and thin things, such as iron nails, to force it in, and pull the handle round The ball is pulled out. Turn the disc stuck on the door counterclockwise and you will see that there are two screws. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove it. You can pull out the center of the ball from the opposite side. The lock core is from the side of the door, and the two screws can be pulled out by removing the screwdriver.

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Handle door lock: Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the upper and lower visible screws in the door, and remove the panel handle. Remove the two screws of the lock sleeve, take off the lock sleeve, remove the lock screw on the side lock, and pull out the lock core.

How to install the bedroom door lock

  1. Introduction of door lock related information; from the definition of door lock, door lock is a device that can be used to prevent others from opening the door. In different places, the types of door locks required are different. Among them, the main types of door locks are anti-theft door locks, combination locks, fingerprint locks, smart door locks, etc.
  2. The anti-theft factor and safety factor of different types of door locks are different. When choosing a door lock, it is necessary to consider how much safety is required. In fact, when you install indoors, you will be exposed to the installation of door locks. Next, I will introduce the method and steps of indoor door lock installation.
  3. Determine the door opening direction; before installing the door lock, the door opening direction cannot be ignored. The direction of opening the door determines which side we install the lock when we install the door lock. So, how to determine the opening direction? Very simple, open the door and see where the hinge is.
  4. The side of the general hinge is the direction of opening the door. Therefore, installing the door lock on the side of the door where the hinge is not installed can ensure that the direction of the door lock is correct. Simply put, the side where the lock is locked is indoors, and the side where the key is inserted is outdoor. If you get it in the wrong direction, it won’t protect you.

From the knowledge mentioned in this article, we mainly understand how to remove the bedroom door lock. In the process of removing the door lock, it must be determined according to the type of door lock. The different types correspond to the corresponding The method is also different. In the article, the disassembly method corresponding to each type has been written for everyone.

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