stainless steel door locks

There are many types of door lock materials. Common materials include all copper, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 201, all zinc alloy, zinc alloy + aluminum alloy, iron + aluminum, etc., all of them are very suitable for door lock manufacturing , whether the performance of the material or the later use, they are worth recommending.

The following recommends a popular model of our factory, item number 85303, our factory currently has five different materials to produce this door lock.

Stainless steel 304

Stainless steel 201

stainless steel door locks
Stainless steel 201 shape same with stainless steel 304

Full zinc alloy

Zinc alloy+Aluminum alloy

alloy door lock
Aluminum alloy material shape same with Zinc alloy material

Iron+Aluminum alloy

The above configuration basically meets the needs of different customers for products, from home improvement high-end door locks to engineering cost-effective door locks are all available.

We also welcome new and old customers to provide us with design ideas, our factory can provide free mold opening service