On March 11, the World Health Organization announced that the 2019 coronavirus epidemic has constituted a global pandemic, and called on countries to detect, test, treat, isolate, track and mobilize their citizens to ensure that only a few people are infected to prevent the disease in the entire community Widespread.

We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others. Everyone should wash their hands frequently; keep a distance of at least one meter from anyone who coughs or sneezes, and avoid physical contact when greeting; avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth; use sneezes with elbows or disposable Paper towels cover the nose .

the door lock we used everyday is easily neglected, This is also the place where the virus is multiplying, so how should we disinfect it?

Indoor door locks: When disinfecting such door locks, 75% and more than 75% alcohol can be used. It should be noted that 75% alcohol contains water. It is recommended to use the wipe method, wipe with alcohol wipes or a soft cloth. Otherwise, it may cause water to enter the lock cylinder and be affected by moisture. Indoor door locks are used every day. Everyone will not lock it, so if don’t want to wipe by hand, you can seal the keyhole with adhesive tape, so you can directly disinfect with a watering can.

Outdoor door locks: Most outdoor door locks have a lock defender to protect the lock core. Wipe method is not required. You can sterilize directly with an alcohol watering can. And The electronic locks should pay more attention to it. After disinfection, it needs to be wiped dry immediately. especially the fingerprint head and the password board ,otherwise the water enters and damages the electronic circuit.

The above are some small knowledge about the cleaning and disinfection of door locks. The virus is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we don’t pay attention to it. Personal and environmental hygiene is particularly important at the moment. Don’t relax. Everyone has a responsibility to work together to fight the epidemic.

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