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Smart locks are now popular, but who will monitor security issues?


With the outbreak of smart homes, products that originally appeared […]

With the outbreak of smart homes, products that originally appeared to be tall have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Smart door locks are among them.

When we went out and didn’t have to worry about forgetting to bring keys, new problems followed. Is smart door lock really safe? So what questions do you have about smart door locks? It’s worth considering!

Speaking of smart locks, have we come up with a very reliable brand? I think there is no! Today’s smart locks are still in a stage of flourishing, and major brands have introduced smart locks.

But there is no absolute industry leader. The passwords, data, and even remote door opening information of smart door locks are in the hands of the corresponding brand manufacturers. If the brand manufacturers purchased by consumers give up the smart door locks or the manufacturers close down?

So where is the user’s data going? Is our smart door lock really escorting the user’s home? The answer is not quite certain to me!

And such a problem is not only in the single product of the smart door lock, but the security risks that the entire smart home is facing.

This is even more true for consumers. Today’s smart door locks advertise how their products have patented technology protection and how they can protect your home.

However, this kind of question about security has made many industry experts and consumers ignore the real information security risks, and the smart door lock application that is self-righteous for data encryption only. For those who have a purpose, there are Way to attack.

The question they consider is by no means so simple about data encryption? Although the data is encrypted, for them, there are still various ways to attack. At this time, smart door locks are vulnerable. Being exposed is not only the appearance of your home but also the appearance of your life. This is a disturbing place.

Some people may say at this time: “Is it possible to establish a dedicated authoritative department to supervise the smart lock industry? With the supervision of the exclusive authoritative department, are we not afraid that the information leakage will be lost?”

It sounds very reliable, if you really have a dedicated authority oversight, then are you willing to consider buying a smart door lock?

I think that if there is no security risk, for most consumers, they are still very willing to choose to buy a smart door lock for their family. After all, who doesn’t want a convenient and fast lifestyle, smart life is the trend of the times!

But when a chaotic market phenomenon occurs, can we really avoid problems when we look for departments to supervise them? According to the actual situation, how to supervise the entire smart lock market? How to ensure the effectiveness of supervision? The actual operation is more difficult than expected. After all, such security issues not only exist in a smart door lock product.

The same example can be found on the home camera that is raging, and will not be explained in detail here. Therefore, we want to rely on the exclusive authority to supervise and achieve the effect once and for all. Perhaps our idea is too naive!

For the security issue of smart door locks, or for the entire smart home industry, the road has a long way to go! As for the safety of smart door locks, who cares, what do you think?