In home decoration, the hardware accessories of home improvement building materials are the most easily overlooked details. For example, when installing room doors in home decoration, we pay more attention to the material and style of door panels and door frames, and often ignore the door lock. In fact, in home decoration, door locks are definitely the most inconspicuous but most important hardware. The use rate of door locks is high, and its importance is definitely not lower than that of door panels and door frames. So how to choose a suitable and What about a cost-effective door lock? Causte door lock hardware manufacturer tells that stainless steel 304(inox 304) door locks must be used for home decoration

stainless steel 304(inox 304) door lock refers to the door lock with the handle and panel made of stainless steel as seen on the surface of the door lock. Stainless steel door locks have high durability, generally brushed surface treatment, and the appearance is not easy to scratch. The steel of stainless steel door locks is inox 304 material which is cast and polished, and is usually shown in stainless steel. The stainless steel door lock has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, does not change color, and is easier to take care of daily.

The stainless steel door lock has high strength, has the characteristics of anti-drilling, fireproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-pry, anti-saw, anti-impact, etc. The nature of stainless steel determines its fireproof, high temperature and heat resistance characteristics, and the stainless steel door lock is not easy to be damaged and thus better guarded Home security. The stainless steel door lock produced by causte door lock hardware manufacturer is very environmentally friendly, and has a long service life, will not change color, and can be kept as new forever. The cleaning and maintenance of the stainless steel door lock is also very convenient. This is the main reason why stainless steel door locks are popular among people. .

inox 304 door lock manufacturer
inox 304 door lock from causte door hardware

Stainless steel door locks are not easy to engrave due to their strong strength. Most of the styles are relatively simple, which meets the needs of people’s home decoration and is consistent with the current popular interior decoration style. The popular decoration styles for home decoration now include modern minimalist style, Nordic style and simple beauty. Style, etc., all take simplicity as the main form of expression. The simplicity of stainless steel door locks is suitable for the current popular decorative styles, and the styles are consistent.

Finally, the quality choices of different door locks in the home are also different. Generally, the door locks must be strong and safe, and the interior doors are more beautiful and convenient; the bedroom door and the living room door are not often closed or locked. , You can buy a smaller number of switches, generally 100,000 times is enough; and for the bathroom door lock, the frequency of switching and locking is higher, you should buy a better quality door lock with a higher number of switches.