Cylindrical lock is also known as “round lock”,“knob lock” since two perpendicular holes are bored into the door prior to installation.

SS color cylindrical locks knob locks


it’s the most common lock type,can be quickly installed and replaced,also be rekeyed easily.

AB color cylindrical locks knob locks


It always come in variety of finish(black,sliver,antique,golden),door thickness(35-55mm) and strike options,keying requirements can be accommodated.

AC color cylindrical locks knob locks


All common lock function are available on cylindrical locks.

GP color cylindrical locks knob locks


1.Can be used in many type of construction:interior or exterior,new or retrofit,commercial doors should have commercial locks

2.Cylindrical locks are sold in two grades:grade 1 heavy duty and grade 2 standard duty. Both grades are significantly tougher than common residential “tubular”locks。They can also be fire rated,which is usually not possible for tubular locks.

The heavy use and high abuse environment such as school ,hospital and sports stadiums can take their toll on even the best cylindrical lock.

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