Our commonly used door locks is mainly made of casting zinc alloy, and the surface can be processed by electroplating, polishing, grinding, etc. Because the zinc alloy material has lower requirements for equipment and environment during the process, it has achieved some high-quality and inexpensive product, Greatly reduce the production cost and meet the production and installation requirements of most environments.

1、Heavy Relative weight,At the same cost,the zinc alloy material door lock is heavier than stainless steel door lock and aluminum alloy door locks and the feel of use is better.

2、The casting performance is good,and the precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls can be die-casted, and the casting surface is smooth.

3、Various surface treatments are possible, including electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc.This advantage has lead to many styles of zinc alloy door locks. Causte hardware currently has about 800 zinc alloy door lock designs.

4、It does not absorb iron during melting and die casting, does not corrode the mold, and does not stick to the mold.

5、Has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature. Zinc alloy material is an excellent material, daily use will not cause wear and corrosion, of course, the premise is to buy a quality door lock,causte hardware can offer quality warranty for door locks.

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